Picking up in la toilette at Chez Jeanette

Chez Jeanette is on a street that tourists know better for its prostitution than its bars. Free of tourists and with a deviant edge, it’s a great place to go drinking.

It’s wallpapered with Toulouse Lautrec motifs, and a mouse lives in the kitchen. But the real action takes place in the toilet.

If someone ever tells you that French people are hard to talk to in bars, it just means they need to spend more time in the toilets.

The toilet at Chez Jeanette is the width of a corridor, comprising a handbasin and latrine. There is a cubicle at one end, and people wait at the other. Given the entire space is about 2.5 metres long, there is not much room for waiting.

Boys who need to pee have two options: pee at the latrine in front of the people waiting – girls – or line up with them.

Both options run contrary to Anglo-Saxon modesty – either the girl sees you peeing, or you line up and they suspect you need to pooh.

However, the options can also work in favour of Australian self-deprecation.

“You don’t mind if I use the latrine?” I asked the three girls waiting for the cubicle.
“No, vas-y! We won’t look.”
“Oh, that’s not an issue, there’s not much to see anyway.”

Then a fourth girl opened the door and squeezed in. “Are you girls waiting?” she asked the others.
“No,” I replied on their behalf.
“They’re just looking.”


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