Paris la Nuit: Megan Cullen

It’s always been clear that my mate Megan had more than just a talent for photography…

She visited me in Paris last European summer, where, apart from sharing daily lunches with a wine carafe and dinners with Raelians, she found time to put the video function of her new Canon to the test.

This week she compiled the footage into a short film, Paris la Nuit.

Just like Megan it’s stylish, in your face, and a pleasure to look at…

Paris La Nuit from Megan Cullen on Vimeo.

Elsewhere in the world of inspiring young Australian photographers, a guy Megan and I worked with in Cambodia, Adam Ferguson, just won a World Press Photo prize for this image of a suicide bombing in Kabul last December.

He’s spent the past years flitting back and forth between Delhi and Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s a tough life, but, coming from Brisbane, I’m sure he’s used to working in under-developed communities. Ouch!


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One Response to “Paris la Nuit: Megan Cullen”

  1. Megs Says:

    Nice one Sammy! And Ads is ripping! XX

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