Tourists + Martin Parr in Paris! What a great photo opportunity!

Parr's Luxury series

Parr's Luxury series

Martin Parr is a British photographer to have gained high distinction for his perceptive photos that combine criticism, seduction and humour. He is one of a highly select few members of the renowned photographic agency Magnum.

[As an aside, the very talented Australian photojournalist Megan Cullen is in Paris for two weeks from tonight. Check out her website, and follow our exploits together on her blog (she most recently turned her eye to Tokyo).]

Until 27 September, the Jeu de Paume in Paris is featuring a Martin Parr collection. A notable inclusion is his series on extreme wealth called “Luxury”. For journalists and photographers, documenting the starving masses and slum-dwellers is a powerful way to highlight the grotesque reality of life for people at the end of the global wealth divide.

Parr looks at the other end, that of the uber riche, and draws the same conclusions: that life in the extremities of wealth is isolating, humiliating and unsexy. It’s just that you’re only aware of this when you’re at the very bottom!

Parr has done another series, not on display at this exhibition, which also struck a nerve with me. This is the series ‘La Petite Planete’, which shows trashy tourists in all their trash glory, around the world.

This struck a nerve because it is something I started in Laos, after a wonderful obese white man in saggy grey underpants, got in the way of a beautiful waterfall. I even made a mini-site of some of the better examples I have found in my own global travels. Bellyundies-full

Parr’s collection is, needless to say, far far better than my own. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t inspire me to take the camera out and get back into the swing.

Perfect timing, because it was a really stinky hot day in Paris, and just outside the Jeu de Paume, there was no shortage of tourists making the most of the fountain that forms the centerpiece of an enormous baking roundabout.

Leopard Woman now comes with magical water wand!

Leopard Woman now comes with magical water wand!


One Response to “Tourists + Martin Parr in Paris! What a great photo opportunity!”

  1. nicklas Says:

    Is that Spot? Who would have thought it would have made it this far?

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