The freelance approach to relationships

Of all the euphemisms used by English speakers, one of the most devastating is “She’s nice”.

“What do you think of his girlfriend?”

“Oh, she’s nice…”

Describe someone only as ‘nice’, and by implication the person is not especially funny, nor sexy, nor intelligent, nor ambitious, a good shag, a good friend or a good-for-nothing – otherwise you probably would have said so.

Single Marasian, as seen by Naught'ya

Single Marasian, as seen by Naught'ya

When things were derailing with a recent girlfriend, she said “you’re a great guy, but…”

A great guy? Well if I’m so “great”, why not call me Alexander and let’s go conquer some Persians.

Worse, on Monday, the indomitable Julie F said, “you know everything before the ‘but’ is a lie”…

So if I was not even “a great guy”, then what was I?

Well, one thing I soon became, was dumped.

Working in communications, I know the power of a negative connotation. If someone who is unemployed can be “between jobs”, then does it not follow that I could just as well be “between relationships”?

Better still, it’s best to show you’re proactive. Therefore, I prefer to think of my relationship status as  “freelancing”. Sure, I’ve had a few “long term contracts” in the past, but freelancing gives me the freedom to take work on an as needs basis.

What luck then, at work when I stumbled across the freelance database – an Excel of names and numbers of interested candidates, complete with biographical information. Now should I need any work all I need do is consult this resource of keen go-getters.

Yes the freelance market may now be down, but with any luck it will soon start picking up…


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One Response to “The freelance approach to relationships”

  1. Tom Says:

    I like this idea – you can rent yourself out on a short term or casual basis for specific projects.

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