A brief itinerary of recent Internet purchases

Thank Dog for the Internet. How did anyone ever meaningfully wile away the small hours at work without it?

It started on a Tuesday, I had just returned from holiday and was waiting for some projects to come my way. Then whoops-click-boom and some new socks were heading my way too.

Happy Sock. Category: Long stripe, Model: LS08-001.Happy Sock. Category: Dot, Model: DO08-001.Happy Sock. Category: Thin stripe, Model: SB08-002.

That Friday, on the way to the rock’n’roll bar La Feline in Menilmontant, I came across a large advertisement in the metro for an Alvin Ailey show that is now doing some dates at Chatelet Theatre.


…I bought a ticket, and only then remembered that I’d already seen it, on video years ago, and it sucked:


So my next Internet purchase will be some French language lessons.

And then, something even more useful

Click to enlarge

Is this as good as Internet shopping gets? What is your proudest Internet purchase?


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3 Responses to “A brief itinerary of recent Internet purchases”

  1. m Says:

    for which show did you buy tickets? i am going to see the B on on July 16th and might be interested by another show…

  2. Nordette Says:

    I think those socks are quite dashing

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