Solidays – remembering music festival fun

AIDS always gets me into the mood for a bit of good ol’ thigh slapping hilarity. With Nordette in town, I couldn’t pass up the chance to be part of a Paris music festival in support of the disease.

Solidays took place this weekend. The line-up was a mainly French/European bands, but, as with all music festivals, the importance of the line-up was secondary to the lining up.  Thus an 8 hour days was broken down into the following:

  • Transport to event: 55 minutes
  • Entrance and body search: 7 minutes
  • Drinking sample of Yoplait’s new warm fizzy yoghurt drink: 4 seconds – enough time to put the liquid, which is how I would imagine fizzy goat semen to taste, into my mouth and spit it out on the pavement.
  • Waiting for toilets: 5 minutes
  • Waiting for the girls to wait for the toilets: 25 minutes
  • Lining up for couscous and lamb: 49 minutes
  • Combined music acts seen: 1 hr 26 minutes

Peps – 8 minutes

Ayo – 26 minutes (thankfully only!) – Loves to write miserable, whiny songs, and regale the audience with tales of her ‘recent hospitalisation’.

Caravan Palace: 39 minutes – brilliant burlesque performance, rather like what Cat Empire could be like, if they still cared, and if they had a lead singer with ample bosoms and fishnet stockings.

Manu Chao: 15 minutes – a performance that could not have been more frenetic had the entire audience been riding pogo sticks.


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2 Responses to “Solidays – remembering music festival fun”

  1. PJ Says:

    Too bad that you missed the Wampas ! That’s quite a frenchie french band :p

  2. Nordette Says:

    You forgot the 23 minutes Jay and I stood in line for pizza, before deciding that the 49 minute wait for shitty couscous was a better option…..

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