Gaffe again! A HATRICK!

Ever since I realised ‘gaffe’ was a French word, meaning gaffe in English, I can’t stop finding reasons to use it!

Why, just last night I did it again!

I need to make a short film reportage about an important issue for a project application. I was thinking of doing it on how the Internet is changing people’s social habits, and habits for socialising. Not to focus on dating, but rather just as a means for professionals who don’t have a life to get out a bit.

The plan was going to be perfect. I would sign up to Meetic, Europe’s largest introduction service, and  do an interview with a friend of our apartment (she is our collective friend) who has met people using the site.

She was here last night for YYT’s quiche party (only in France). I explained to her the project, then asked whether she would be willing to participate.

“I’d just ask you about your experiences meeting people online,” I said.

Friend: “I don’t understand. Why are you asking me?”

Me: “Because you’ve met heaps of guys through the Internet,” I said, ever so delicately.

Friend: “What the fuck are you talking about?” (I’m paraphrasing)

Me: “You know, you’re always talking about the men you’ve met through the internet.” I was struggling. The hole I was digging here was getting so deep that someone would soon need to abseil down and rescue me.

Friend: “No, you must be talking about someone else. I wouldn’t ever use Meetic. Why would you think that?”

I decided to retreat. She did too, back to the living room looking awfully bewildered, embarrassed and confused.

Yep, it was certainly a quiche party to remember!


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