A family-size gaffe for lunch

Madame Shawn’s has three locations in my neighbourhood. Despite the name, this is not some dinky brothel, but a Thai restaurant – well, as far as I’m aware, and I’m not sure if anything goes on there after the second dinner service.

Four of us ate lunch there today.

During the meal, (I had green curry, matching my socks) we spied the young secretary from the office sitting with her back to us at the next table with a man and a woman. She is about 20-years-old, a very lovely girl, and extremely kind.

She finished her lunch before we did, and, getting up from her seat she turned around to say ‘hi’.

“Are you eating with your parents?” I asked, in all innocence.

“No, he’s my boyfriend,” she replied

Unfortunately I’d forgotten that my colleagues I was eating with had told me that.

Back at the office, the afternoon’s drudgery was punctuated by one of my lunchfriends making me a “spot the father in the photo” email.

I also spoke to the secretary. “Where you drinking Sam?’ she asked.

She thought it was all a big joke – and luckily didn’t realise that my mistake was genuine.

Excerpts from the quiz:

Mark up the parents on the following picture:

How many children can you see on this picture :

In your opinion, which position occupies the man in the center of the picture:

Mr. and Mrs. Glasses and their two sons are hiding in the following picture. Find them:


3 Responses to “A family-size gaffe for lunch”

  1. Nordette Says:

    Photo’s din’t work on my laptop! Is this my fault or yours?

  2. arbourman Says:

    Yours. Or that of your laptop.

  3. Tom Says:

    I couldn’t see the photos either and I think you mean were you drink not where you drinking. I think maybe you’ve been in france too long

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