My former boss REALLY IS a compulsive wanker!

If some people in the finance world are starting to wonder about the true nature of the company’s they’ve worked for, spare a thought for former employees of the Victoria Police Media Department.

In the past two weeks, the former director, Stephen Linnell, pleaded guilty to perjury, after lying to protect then Assistant Commissioner  Noel Ashby- who, it was revealed on Sunday, is now working in the post office.

But these are trifling matters compared to the woes of the former Media Unit head.

“Interesting story about Kevin Loomes on,” said my former Police Life ed via Facebook.

“Interesting story?” what could this be about I pondered. The guy was nice, if not a little bumbling (he taught me everything I know), and sat on my first interview panel. Then, within a few months of my starting, he took a police media director job in Queensland. That was the last I heard of him.

Until today.

So, thanks Chels for drawing my attention to this. I’m sure the Police Life team will include this nice news story about the former head in the next “odd spot”.


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One Response to “My former boss REALLY IS a compulsive wanker!”

  1. Tom Says:

    Sam – You really do choose some choice places to work. I wonder what else you learnt of your old boss…

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