Saxophone beatbox up my teeth

Since waking up on Friday without a front tooth (or large portion thereof), playing the saxophone has been a little difficult.

It’s hard to keep a firm bite on the mouthpiece, when you only have half a bite. Salvation came today though, with news reports of  a Nigerian who is gaining some credit for his saxophone beat box skills.

With some quick you-tubing, I stumbled across the following how-to guide: saxophone beat box

Sure the finished instrument may sound more like a kazoo than a saxophone, but the overall effect is impressive enough.


3 Responses to “Saxophone beatbox up my teeth”

  1. nordette Says:

    Join the club Tintin, I’ve done exactly the same thing. Although I didn’t put mine to such good use as you – I used the incident as a way to get over the fear of falling over and smashing my front teeth out..
    Now I just need to find a pier, walk along it and get a hook cast by an over enthisiastic fisherman stuck in my eyeball, then, and only then I’ll be pretty much fearless.

  2. arbourman Says:

    Or worse, you find yourself wearing an orange t-shirt at your local RSL and headlining an act as an ‘inspirational comedian’:

    Better to be this guy maybe:

  3. nordette Says:

    Maybe? I say definitely..

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