Chamonix fulfills all my expectations.

This posh European mountain resort is to multiculturalism melting pots what a raqulette party is to hot cheese. 

When I saw a group of people wearing head-to-toe fur jackets and shiny puffy jackets, my immediate reaction was that it was a Victoria Market research trip. Then I remembered the Italian border was an hour away. 

Chamonix is also famous for it British and Swedish populations. Both get spastic drunk on a nightly basis, the Swedes just  look better doing it, and speak better English on whole.  

In many ways, French people can actually seem like the biggest tourists of all.  This sentiment is epitomised by this comment by a Brit to Vanessa, who asked him why that, in spite of spending two years working in Chamonix, that he hadn’t learnt any French.

The response?

“This isn’t France. It’s Chamonix!”


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