The shinadingading – it’s French for smile.

Multicultural offices are great opportunities for language exchanges.

And language exchanges are great opportunities for confusion and embarrassment.

Just like my French friend in London who went in to the bank and asked the teller how she could “open a c*nt”.

Today then…

“French say to ‘smile like a banana’,” said a colleague at lunch – we often all eat together at local restaurants. “How would you say that in English?”

“A grin from ear to ear,” said the American.

No, I begged to differ. “I’d say a ‘shingadingading’,” I said.

“A shingadingading? I like that,” said the French colleague, saying it a few times to get the feel of the new word. “A shingadingading”

I smirked.

“What?” asked the French colleague.

“Nothing,” I said.

The American smirked.

“What?” she asked.

“Nothing,” he said, pausing before explaining in French: “It’s just that he didn’t say ‘shingadingading’, he said ‘shit-eating grin’.”

It was a great lunch, and I had a shingadingading at my desk all afternoon.


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One Response to “The shinadingading – it’s French for smile.”

  1. Nordette Says:

    It actually sounds really close to shenanigans.. E.G I call shenanigans on your parents stopping us doing ******** to each others ******. Just because they are mormons doesn’t mean we can’t relax by the other persons *********’*…. God, help me I think I **** myself….

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