Mugged at work

The slogan mug I hate the most is the one that says “I hate Mondays”.

If you hate them so much you’re going to ceramically glaze it onto your coffee cup, then you probably hate Tuesday through to Friday, and possibly Sundays too.

No-one at work has such a mug, but everyone DOES have a mug. Except me.

Mine went missing a few weeks ago. A few people have dropped a few hints they might know a thing or two, but sparing the fact we have wooden floorboards, my missing mug has essentially been swept under the carpet.

So i have thus turned to ‘mugging’ in order to sate my addiction to coffee.

I used to steal this tiger print mug, but that was verging on poaching, so I started taking a fairly indiscreet white number. That turned out to belong to the boss. I filled it up with coffee and left it on her desk.

She said i could have the novelty Scooby Doo mug, which has extra coffee storage capacity in the nose, but it shaped like a dog’s head and the nose means you can’t drink it without spilling, so the pros are outweighed by the cons. Not to mention the fact you are drinking out of a dog’s head (did i mention that already).

With the mug problem sorted, the attention has turned to the coffee.

Does Nescafe realise how goddamn bad their coffee is? I clean my teeth in the morning to get rid of better tastes than Nescafe leaves.

Having said that, it does serve a purpose, and it is fair to say that no-one makes bad coffee so easily as good as Nescafe does.


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