What the baker knows

Whatever secrets and inhibitions you may have, rest assured of one thing: the baker already knows.

The baker  in France has access to a level of information not seen since the Stasi in Berlin, or even Victoria Police’s sieve-like crime squads.

Prolific in number, bakers can be found in nearly every block, if not street. One, my local, even has a reality-TV inspired screen in its shop front which broadcasts live action from behind the bakery doors (though unlike big brother, I’m yet to see anyone fill any tarts with cream).

The baker knows what time you get up (when I buy a baguette), they know who stayed over (how many croissants did he buy?), they  know what time you get to the office (one apricot tart, please), they even know when your office has run out of toilet paper (can I get an extra serviette with that?).

Needless to say, they also know how to make a profit (1.05 euros for a stale pain au chocolat).

Now, if only they all just knew how to make bread…


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