200 dead and counting…but Aussie ‘B-list’ soap star lives to tell the tale.

Madge’s death on Neighbours was a watershed moment for the series: after that, they started to just send used characters up to Queensland, where they could eventually be brought back (once the RSL comedy routine circuit dried up and the bills started to get hard to pay).

Boy they must have really despised Madge not to give her the decency of a fictional Greyhound bus ride to Cairns.

But imagine then, what Home and Away’s producers were thinking when they orchestrated multiple terrorist attacks in Mumbai in a bid to take out Brooke Satchwell. She’s was such an enduring character on the series that it was always going to take something big to finally get rid of her. To think, up to this point the most shocking thing to happen on Australian soap series was the prospect of Craig McLachlan pulling out his guitar.

Or did I just misread last week’s coverage from reading Australian newspapers online?

Yes, it happened again. Just like in December 2004, Australian media has managed to find the news that people really care about when it comes to covering a global tragedy. “Tsunami Toll: 250,000 Asians, one AFL footballer.”

At least there were no sporting heroes caught up this time. Even Warney, we were informed, was safe and sound in Singapore Airport. Curious how journalists have a better idea what he gets up to than his wife.


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