Jim Morrison’s grave: tick!

After seven years, I’ve finally done what a Contiki bus tourist can do in 24 hours: no, I’m not talking about  that tubby Scottish 20-year-old sitting in the window seat in aisle 17, I’m referring to doing Paris!

I was walking home late in the 11th, looked up, and BOOM there it was. The graveyard where Jim Morrison is buried. The final MUST DO on any tourist’s Paris checklist (Ok, so I didn’t see the actual grave freel for real, but close . Besides how close do you really get to it with the horde of high and over-the-hill hippies there in front?

In July I met an American who had “done Paris in three hours”.

“How did you do it man?” I asked himm incredulous.

“Oh, I had to run!” This mammoth effort included the Louvre in 45 minutes: “I just grabbed that map and went straight for the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo.”

In terms of seeing the sights, I totally understand most of the items on the usual Paris checklist.

The Eiffel Tower I understand, Notre Dame, the Mona Lisa I sort of understand, the crowd around the Mona Lisa I don’t understand but its more of a spectacle that the shoe-box size lady with the innuendo smile.

Bit Jim Morrison’s grave, I mean, WTF* is the attraction there?

Following the end of World War I, an unknown soldier was buried under the Arc de Triomphe (not sure what number, but this is also def on the list), creating the ‘tomb of the unkown soldier’. Is Jim Morrison’s grave therefore the tomb of the unkown pilgrimage?

Perhaps, as the helpless American Jack suggests in the unexpectedly funny film Two Days in Paris, “I’m not a Jim Morrison fan, I’m a Val Kilmer fan!”

(According to News.com.au, W.T.F. stands for Weird True Freaky, today features a story about a man masturbating on a plane)


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