Yet another useful media forum comment, regarding Murdoch’s Boyer lectures: THE LAWNMOWER IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER THE DRIVER IS THE ANTICHRIST

Rupert Murdoch, Australia’s richest American, is currently returned to Australia as host of the enlightening Boyer lecture series on the national broadcaster. Listen here.

Australia’s ABC is broadcasting the lectures on its new Fora site, which is still a poor man’s TED, but at least a move in the right direction. Otherwise, some of his speeches can be found in Murdoch’s prized newspaper The Australian (which is technically also American).

Murdoch has used his media airtime to express several thoughtful arguments about the steps Australia needs to take to prepare itself for the future.

“Mr Murdoch says people should stop wingeing about the challenge of new technology and ‘get out in front of it’.”

This is in stark contrast to Australia’s second richest American, Mel Gibson, who prefers to use his media time to rant off about the Jewish conspiracy (i can’t find the original, but here is his apology).

Now, you’d think that after giving a fairly controversial lecture (“Australia has a 21st Century economy supported by a 19th Century education system), that you might get some informed debate going – two-way communication being the mainstay of web 2.0 and all that.

But no.

For all the talk about the value of web feedback, has anyone else noticed how rare it is for contributors to newspaper discussion boards to ever use them to say anything of great value?

It seems the usual horde of rednecks ignoranuses (stupid, and an areshole) are as happy populating the Herald Sun’s (again, Murdoch’s) forums as they are those of the ABC.

Here is a sample of responses to Murdoch’s first Boyer lecture, the first one is the only sane paragraph you will read from now until the end of the blog.

Dicom : 15 Nov 2008 12:59:01am

  • I am surprised by the arrogant criticism I see as “comments”. Not one but that many enough to prove that amongst us in this would be great nation are herds of complacent cows, ignorant fools with such an idiotic views of reality that is surely dragging Australia down.

    Open your minds and listen for once. We are in dire straits and stubborness gets you nowhere. Don’t evy, join success.

granny :11 Nov 2008 11:32:36am

“Did Ruperts’ media report on the stash of US weapons the Russian army found in Georgia, after the Osseta/Georgia war?????? Whoops, wasn’t worth the media space was it???”

A nice, thought-provoking post on US arms in response to an article encouraging debate about Australian brains.

Now for something really scary :10 Nov 2008 5:56:31pm

“For decades newborn children in Victoria have had a blood sample taken at birth to tested for genetic conditions. What isn’t being told is the following….the Genetic Health Services Victoria is the agency who is responsible for the testing…they are an adjunct of the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute….after testing the samples of blood are retained indefinately…a little fact that the Hospitals fail to mention to parents. The Murdoch Childrens Research Institute is run by representatives of the worlds major insurance and banking companies. Join the dots people…

Roy :10 Nov 2008 9:00:10pm

“A man aged 73 with billions of dollars in the bank still trying to profit from the hardship of the poor in extreme times which he helped to orchestrate along with the Rockefeller and Rothchild Families THEIR GREED KNOWS NO BOUNDS and our so called churches keep quiet regarding these happenings

“And make no defence regarding this greed because in many ways they are part and parcel of this greed  the New World Order has been described as follows

“Our churches are like blades of grass and there is a man heading towards them at full speed on a ride on mower and he is singing hymns . THE LAWNMOWER IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER THE DRIVER IS THE ANTICHRIST



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One Response to “Yet another useful media forum comment, regarding Murdoch’s Boyer lectures: THE LAWNMOWER IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER THE DRIVER IS THE ANTICHRIST”

  1. nordette Says:


    Yesterday I had coffee with Tupak Shakur and he was was at JFK’s BBQ on the weekend, and JFK was telling him about how he believes there is a conspiracy amongst Melbourne gym instructors which threatens to “sap and impurify” the “precious bodily fluids” of the Rosicrucianism people with Gatorade!
    Tin Foil Hats and Joaquin Phoenix pre-bloat and all that!

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