The credit crunch hits Paris

For all Sarkozy’s reassurances, the credit crunch has indeed hit Paris…

Thus the reason on Monday, when my carte bleue refused to let me take out more than 60 Euros.

60 Euros? It barely buys a sandwich here. It was clear I would have to subject myself to some hard fiscal belt-tightening. By the time I bought a new belt -mustard and leather- I had even less money to conserve.

With the BOMBD (Bank of Mum and Dad) in suspended trading (due to holiday period), I borrowed 100 Euros of an American workmate. America always props up failing economies, not least their own.

Then I went to the bank and asked why I suddenly had a lot less money that I was anticipating. The teller answered in typically French fashion: Well sir, this usually happens when you spend more than you earn…

I examined my receipts and decided I could be more prudent with my supermarket purchases. Monoprix may be convenient, but it’s also ‘maxi-prix’.

So I have started going more often to ED, which I pronounce like the boy’s name, compared to French people who routinely refer to it as ‘E D’.

It was great shopping at ED, I bought a week’s groceries for 20 Euros. I rationalised that this was a good way to off-set the 40 Euros I just spent on a haircut.

40 Euros for a haircut may sound excessive, but I reasoned thus: 20 Euros may buy groceries for a week, but 40 Euros buys a haircut for 2 months.

That’s the type of fiscal rationalisation the world needs right now!


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